Again, how could this happen again.

Once again the news saddens and angers us with reports of another school shooting. This time the school is in Florida where 17 are dead and countless more are physically injured and, or, emotionally scarred.



I’m beginning to hear comparisons between the alt-right group at the center of the travesty, tragedy and terror in Charlottesville, Virginia and Black Lives Matter. Let me say categorically there is no comparison. None. Zero. Zip.

Opinion: Conforming to Non-Conformity

I heard the most interesting line not long ago. I’m walking into work when I happen upon one of my coworkers. We start talking the sort of talk one engages while walking into work: weather, office politics, whatever. Polite talk. Then out the blue she asks me if I’m registered Democrat or Republican. I tell…

Opinion: Inconceivable Secrets

America has a sickness. Not just America. All over the world there are children keeping secrets. Secrets too horrible to confess to anyone. Secrets that influence a lifetime. Secrets for which too many children and adults believe they are responsible. That secret festers like a virus slowly suffocating hope, killing our ability to love or…

Opinion: Dales’ Melting Pot

America prides itself on being a melting pot. The amalgamation of diverse ingredients stirred in to the pot makes a better stew. Unfortunately, most of the spoons stirring this swirling stew of ours are predominantly ethnic, or cultural. There is an entire population of people out there who never dip their spoons into the pot. As a matter of fact we’ve takes their spoons and hidden
them under the welcome mat on the front porch.

A Dialogue: The Nature of Reality

Phaedrus and Crito are from the writings  of Plato. I borrow their names for the dialogue only, and not as representative of Phaedrus or Crito or Plato. Crito: In your opinion, is reality subjective or objective and why? I think, there is no such thing as objectivity. Every “reality” is the interaction between an event…