Imagine a bird
Flying far across the sky
Pretend you are there



Fact and fiction meld their disparate agendas into blurry eyed reality confusing wild eyed stars to reflect rather than shine — Jeffrey (@quasproduction) September 1, 2016  

Micro: Feb 2016 Collection

That intimate moment of surrender silences reality radiates the metronome rhythm of inspiration singing the enthusiastic desires of the soul Where love exists All things are possible When your hands rumple the night I hear symphonies play eternity When life gropes my anxious breast When life gleams her golden dream My spirit rises from stiff…

Micro: January 2016 Collection

Imagine “Yes” A faithless man must see the proof until he understands the proof is in believing what is known and not perceived. The warmth of your touch as I turn to kiss you the first time today. Your sweet scent on my breath as I exhale a sleepy morning. The purr of your moans…