Sometimes people have to feel the mildly dewed grass of an open field between their toes to remind they are still a part of mother earth.



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Into the whirlwind of two lovers meeting came the microscopes monocle of the principals glass eye. His gaze did cast so intense that they would occasionally resort to sunscreen. They clung together even more tethered by truth and a love of mint. Credits: Eirian Model Ashen Sorrow Background Ecathe Fae…

World Love

Love, amor, liefde, dashuria, الحب, ոչ, sevgi, maitasun, каханне, প্রেম, ljubav, প্রেম, любов, gugma, 爱, láska, kærlighed, amo, armastus, ibig, rakkaus, amour, სიყვარული, Liebe, αγάπη, પ્રેમ, renmen, soyayya, אהבה, प्यार, hlub, szeretet, ást, na, cinta, grá, amore, katresnan, ಪ್ರೀತಿ, ຄວາມຮັກ, mīlestība, pažinčių, љубов, cinta, imħabba, aroha, प्रेम, хайр, kjærlighet, عشق, miłość, ਪਿਆਰ, dragoste, любовь, љубав,…

Humor: Womens Shoes

Women’s shoes are amazing. Oh….wait a minute here. Just a moment. I just look at them on women. I don’t wear them. Ok……no really, I’m serious. Ok, let’s continue.

Retroglide by Ono Nothimagain

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Retroglide is electronica with a pop that pops the rock that drops into classical industrial country with brand new beats that recycle classic metal grooviness like never heard before into a brand new genre of music. Track listing: 1. While My Guitar Gently Runs With The Devil 2. Three Little…