Short w/ dialogue: Emasculation

“That was amazing” I tell her with a smile stretching behind each ear.

“You f*** nothing like your father.”


Short: Emasculation – Complete

Emasculation:The Father Son Story You’ve Never Heard (I Hope) By Jeffrey A. Boyer 2016 Ⓒ I start the evening sitting at my favorite bar sucking down beers to numb myself from the recurring verbal abuse from my father. The overly testosterone ridden macho son of a bitch never resisted any moment to question my manhood. His…

Short: Emasculation P4 (End)

So Kim broke up with me to fuck my father. My father is not only great in bed but hung like porn star centaur. The goddess of a woman I traded fluids with is a prostitute who my father paid to seduce me because he thinks I might discover I’m homosexual while at the same…

Short: Emasculation P3 of 4

A coy smile spreads her lips as if some epiphany coalesces in her consciousness. Some light turns on as she reaches out to pinch my cheeks. My actions, or words or emotions remind her of my fathers suspicion that I am a very sensitive person in denial about being gay. Somehow I confirm this for…