Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I know that Santa Claus has already come to town, but I’ve been thinking about next year. How do I ensure that I’m on the nice list? Everyone wants to be on the nice list, right? We all want presents, right?


Dollars for Santa: Transcribed, revised

Little Tony Christmaspants paces outside the local arts center. Locked in the showcase behind him are posters for A Christmas Story, The Nutcracker Ballet, and a portrait of Santa Clause who is appearing at the theater.


Originally posted on Quas Photography:
Into the whirlwind of two lovers meeting came the microscopes monocle of the principals glass eye. His gaze did cast so intense that they would occasionally resort to sunscreen. They clung together even more tethered by truth and a love of mint. Credits: Eirian Model Ashen Sorrow Background Ecathe Fae…

The Creative Shopper

They say that crime doesn’t pay. That’s not always true, of course. If you get away with it, then you got paid. Maybe it only pays for those people with a certain degree of common sense. Although the argument would go that those who become criminals have no common sense, so I suppose the argument is mute.

World Love

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