Twilight Escape

We lay together embracing pitch dark
Early one evening in each others arms
In a home we built with our shared name
Built on a future of two lovers flame
But life’s only promise is change
When you stand at Eden’s gate
Freewill or simply fate

You search my eyes looking for any sign
Of a change inside our auld lang syne
A single moment with suspicious glint
To spark presumption like it’s striking a flint
accusation is not confessions’ hint
In a garden fraught with taint
Freewill or simply fate

I hide behind a weary cloaked naïveté
To deny the state of our passion play
Pretend not to see shadows in your eyes
It’s easier to believe we’re doing alright.
In secret I negotiate
While still talking to the snake
Freewill or simply fate

Now our love shines a little more dim
So much pouring out over a wide brim
I’d do anything to feel long ago
And save ourselves while we’re still aglow
But time is like a thieving date
Stealing every single day
Freewill or simply fate

You’ll never know and I’ll never admit
that yes I know I know all about it
You’re hiding secrets in your words homespun
Leaving our home with a table for one
And that time may come one day
When the snake will have it’s way
Free will or simply fate

We were flesh from flesh and bone from bone
Two souls discovered they were not alone
Grew a a garden planted seed by seed
finally poisoned by the son of greed
Tell me who will be taking blame
Now the apple is your claim
Free will or simply fate

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