Butterfly Effect

Where Do You Come From

Why should I call you friend
If you wont show me who you are
I wish for just one moment I could see you
We’re spending so much time
But time is all we live
If memories were coins we’d hoard pennies

Do you think it’s just a game
when I offer a helping hand
like I have some master plan for deception
I want to empathize
with how you see your fate
If I were a shaman we could change shoes

We’re not kids anymore
Having seen too much in this life
These days a pinky swear Is not enough
But don’t think for one moment
You’re someone I’d betray
I mark you on my heart like a tattoo

You use superstition
to always blame somebody else
I see you point fingers at them but not you
You see this as a strength
But that’s not where it’s at
Don’t wear it as a badge like it’s an honor

You’re seeking attention
Trying to replace a real bond
I see that pretend face you wear to fit in
It’s all a masquerade
playing different roles
When the queen disappears inside a joker

You give to some lover
To create a substitute for love
They abandon you when you’re not looking
You’re counting what you take
Instead of what you give
There’s so much more to you than you’re seeing

Your friends talk behind your back
And you accept it every time
Please stand up for yourself and don’t take it
You have to love yourself
To expect they will too
Then they start to see the real you

Yet still through everything
You’ll find me standing by your side
Hoping that you’re pleased to still be there
Yes I still call you friend
Because I always believe in you
And if for just one time you could believe too


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