Bright Lights

Your shaking hands
grip a racing  heart
Running  in directions
no one ever wants to endure 
with no certainty to reassure

A sense of right
binds compassions love
Nurturing within you
a spark fueling incessant nerve
for this moment that will not defer

We can ignore bright lights that shine us
Take apprehensions guidance
To walk another way

Or face our moments headstrong
A dedicated sexton
A case of do or die
When bright lights shine

Before a pause
reaches for a thought
instinct rushes forward
moving swiftly into pitch dark
glowing in shadow your watermark

A selfless act
plays a hero’s role
It’s never a description
written on the wall of your star
that’s just who you are

When bright lights call upon you
You respond in free flow
Thunder to lightning

When all around is chaos
Your demeanor changeless
As two worlds collide
When bright lights shine

There’s no rewind
from this here and now
Utopian fiction
sometimes forever left unserved
weighing on you like the weight of the world

 An empty breath
fills your tear stained eyes
stealing a reflection
of hope in a heartbeat  destroyed
white crippled wings fall to the void

When serenity is betrayed
in an unexpected dawn raid
fear naught this night
In tragic moments of confusion
look within for absolution
stay living in faith
stay living in faith

There’s hurt coupled in every joy
You’re bearing  all the scars
like it is what you deserve
as miracles hide behind the blind
but white crippled wings can still fly
when bright lights dim and fade away

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