Book update (literally)

I want to make those who have downloaded Transitional Zen & Conditional Juggling aware that there is an update available via the Manage Your Content and Devices/ Your Content  of your amazon account. Though having not planned to,  I added, deleted, expanded, and changed content enough that Amazon granted an Update. Most noticeable is the new cover.It finally feels “done”.

Thank you to every one who downloaded, is thinking about downloading, or will download my ebook “Transitional Zen & Conditional Juggling”.  US store ,  British store,  Preview

This book is not a study in Buddhism.

This book is about moments of truth. Transitional zen are those continuing moments when one grows as illusion falls away replaced by truth. It’s a reminder that life is an ever learned experience. Conditionally juggle moments in life which seek undistorted truth. I give you my “transitional zen and conditional juggling”.

Thirty five mobile art photos and thirty five lyric poems exploring the transitions between love, life, disappointment, grief, reconciliation, alienation, and hope.





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