Everything She Said

She approached me in a crowded room
Her foreplay as short as her skirt
She said “You make me wet just looking at you
Let’s see what you can do
Please come with me
I guarantee
to really rock your world
Let me hold you baby
won’t you come in from the storm”

She took me to a hotel room
Her clothes laid a trail to her bed
She burned me quick like a cheap cigarette
Then snuffed me in my sweat
She said “Your lost someplace
In inner space
I’ve seen your kind before
Let me hold you baby
won’t you come in from the storm”

I woke up the next morning
A rose petal pinned into my shirt
The smell of roast coffee filling fresh air
She licked me like a dare
She said “You’re tasty
I’m your safety
You know my touch is warm
Let me feel you baby
won’t you come in from the storm”

She read me books from poets long dead
Like they were biography
And every chapter glistened white coal
From personal history
But she confessed it all
while standing tall
Planning my  reform
“I will hold you baby
while you come in from the storm”

Each new day was never the same
in our food, conversation, or sex
Counting my tattered baby steps
pulled free with glazed forceps
Her math was skilled
And I distilled
New sights began to form
“I’m holding you now baby
your coming in from the storm”

And then one day she disappeared
I didn’t need her anymore
There was nothing left to teach me
So she handed me the keys
But I’ll recall
I felt it all
She was her own art form
And I will always hold her
now I’ve come in from the storm


Photo Abstract Peace and composition Everything She Said by Jeffrey A. Boyer

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