With Jaded Eye — Quas Photography

Link to photo on Flickr

via With Jaded Eye — Quas Photography


3 thoughts on “With Jaded Eye — Quas Photography

  1. oooh! I love this! wow You are very talented. Amazing imagery
    The eyelash curler reminds me of that scene in a Clockwork Orange, but it’s not exactly an implement of brainwashing. It’s like she’s lost sight of her inner innocence and beauty. My interpretation… I love this.

    • Thank you so much!
      Clockwork Orange is perfect. Nice observation. Although, the eyelash curler isn’t a brainwasher, as you said, it is a symbol of transition when too many lose sight of their inner innocence and beauty.
      Again, many thanks!

      • actually, an eyelash curler has been my implement of torture many times. It is evil and a step up from false eye lashes in the book of vanity. ugh
        It was an inspiring reminder of what beauty truly means. Ty for sharing it.

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